No one escapes the law of life…death

I read and see news clips about the COVID hysteria. A supposed deadly and fatal pandemic many people have succumbed to and the vast majority, over 99.5% have recovered from.

Yet government and MSM are constantly removing expert studies and opinions from the argument and making hypochondriacs of their citizenry.

“We’re gonna die or suffer mightily unless we do as we are told,” is the theme today.

Folks, no one escapes this life without dying. No one has ever died, laid on a deathbed for a few days without breathing, no heart beating and blood turned cold and came back to tell us about it.

We just don’t know when or how we will die. That is the truth.

Why imprison yourself, your family and children and wear ridiculous masks which cause respiratory problems? Is it fear?

Life is not about living in constant fear. It is unnatural.

Life is for living until it is over….

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