Petition to Remove Brian Pallister from office

Politicians who take it upon themselves to ignore the truth and impose harsh edicts affecting people’s freedom, separating families and friends, preventing travel, imposing onerous restrictions on businesses, causing anguish and panic among many to the extent hope is gone and suicide looked at as a viable escape need to be removed from power.

Brian Pallister, Premier of the Province of Manitoba has gone too far and so has the people who are making his edicts possible. It is time for a change.

The Great Barrington Declaration is only one of a much larger group of Scientists, practicing doctors, healthcare professionals who do not agree with lock downs and constant wearing of face masks. There is plenty of warning out there from people who know about the inaccuracies of what the government is ordering us to do.

Please sign the petition to force change. We don’t or can’t wait for another election for him to cause more damage to us all.

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