They gave up their Todays for our Tommorrows

I am a Dutch born Canadian citizen. My parents immigrated to Canada in 1957.

Why Canada?

My parents suffered through the Nazi occupation. They spoke of food shortages and deaths of family members due to the war during that time. It was not a good or fun place to be.

Fortunately Canadians responded to a call to arms and traveled across the ocean, many would not survive never to return and more were injured. They were the men who freed the Dutch from the nightmare that was.

We hear very little of this as our neighbors to the South like to take all the credit for winning the war.

Today, I see the similarities of overpowering government and control. Government does some good things that individuals cannot do nor can people depend on the private sector to do what all the people in unison can perform.

By restricting Canadians to assemble, object, offer a different point of view, restricting right of movement and personal liberties as to who is allowed in a household or how many, what can be purchased, what businesses may operate and when and how many may enter, ordered to cover a face and social distance even if vaccinated or had the COVID previously, this brings to mind what my parents and millions of others suffered during the 1940’s.

Some people much more intelligent than myself claim that history rhymes. I see it today and it is time for change before it is too late.

Who will save Canada if the government continues to run amok in the direction of tyranny?

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