Spirit and Soul

There is a world invisible to us but known which coexists with our mortal existence.

We can continue to live and ignore the other, but it is there and more powerful than we give credit to.

For all of mankind’s achievements, constructive and destructive, there has never been an explanation grounded in truth for why we be or are.

There has never been an explanation for that which we refer to as time and why it does not relate to eternity or that our minds cannot comprehend no time or no beginning or no finality.

There exists a power or force which establishes the rule and existence of life and living for all that exists in this universe.

We as humans are not alone.  Our spirit is eternal, our souls immortal, our stay here temporal.

No one holds all truth.

No one knows perfection.

My way is to discover that which is long forgotten and that which has yet to be found.


4 thoughts on “Spirit and Soul

  1. wow this is totally true thats why i beieve that got is the only one who knows the truth is perfection.. and with him we can live eternal life in heaven ……we just have to repent of our sins and let god be our saver

  2. I think that it’s all tied up together. No man knows perfection because no man can fully see that other world, which I don’t think is quite so separate from us as many believe.

    We only see the tip of the iceberg and, hence, can’t see perfection except on rare occasions and then only in glimpses that soon fade in memory to shadows of themselves.

    1. Hi Jonolan;

      “It is not so separate from us as many would believe.” Written by a man who has experienced life and given much thought to his experiences and that which he could not explain. 🙂

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